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The proposed RN to BSN program is designed as an academic progression model for current students in Associate degree in nursing programs and practicing registered nurses to advance their educational preparation to the Bachelor of Science level. The RN to BSN program will normally complete the program over a period of 18 months (3 semesters) of adult learners studying part-time through on-campus education and online training. This course provides opportunities for nurses to develop as nursing professionals and to achieve academic achievement, mainly for continuous improvement and self-development.

  • Integrating general nursing and nursing education to practice professional nursing practice
  • Professional nursing practice based on the basis of critical thinking
  • Effective and professional communication and collaboration
  • Leadership skills for health promotion during the life cycle
  • Applying systems, finances and policies to professional nursing care
  • Integrate culturally competent and Christian care into nursing care
  • Continuing professional development through lifelong learning

Program Strategies

It provides opportunities for nursing managers or nursing administrators to combine professional knowledge, skills, and leadership personality in various health nursing sites. In order to achieve this purpose, the program pursues these strategies:

  • Affordable tuition: $12,600 (18 months course),
  • Provide high quality, student-centered learning environments such as 1:1 student faculty mentor support system
  • Online and on-campus training education available (Flexible schedule for part time working RNs)
  • Foster collaboration with healthcare stakeholders in the local and global communities.
  • Excellent faculty
  • Incorporate evidence-based care and the use of clinical reasoning.
  • Enables large-scale school facilities and simulation exercises
  • Provide Financial aid counseling and various scholarships
  • Access to Broaden library resources including digital journals


  1. 일반 간호와 간호 교육을 통합하여 전문적 간호 실무 실천
  2. 비판적 사고 기반의 증거에 기초한 전문적 간호 실천
  3. 효과적이고 전문적인 의사소통과 협업
  4. 생애주기 동안 환자들의 건강 증진을 위한 리더쉽 기술 적용
  5. 전문적인 간호 업무에 제도와 재정 및 정책 적용
  6. 문화적으로 유능하고 기독교적인 보살핌을 간호 업무에 통합
  7. 평생 학문을 통해 지속적으로 자기 계발

Career path

다양한 건강간호 현장에서 전문지식과 기술 그리고 지도자적 인격을 겸비한 간호관리자 혹은 간호 행정가로 진출 기회 확대