NUR 310 Transcultural Nursing and Global Health (4 Credits)

This course provides students with an in-depth understanding of a select culture. The health practicum, related to the student’s identified need and professional goals, assists students in understanding cultural clinical phenomena within a cultural context. This experience includes actual cultural immersion through interactions with individuals, families, and communities in the context of culture and nursing care.

NUR 311 Communication and Clinical Counseling in Health care (4 Credits)

The course examines the identity, professional standards of the professional counselor with providing the scientific basis for counseling. And this course includes theoretical and applied information regarding health counseling services in the context in various health environments and collaboration among mental health professionals are discussed.

NUR 312 Psychological and Spiritual Assessment in Health Care (4 Credits)

This course offers a psycho-spiritual assessment for understanding the human mind and healing ministry in Health care. Through Internal Family Systems (IFS) model and cognitive behavior therapy, students will experience depth understanding of themselves and benefit in interpersonal relationships, as well as be equipped with an effective way of healing ministry for others. Also, students will deepen their spiritual life through regular practices.

NUR 320 Informatics in Nursing Practice (3 Credits)

Applications of informatics systems to nursing practice, education, and administration are introduced. Nursing theory/collaboration communication methods in the nurse-person relationship are explored.

NUR 321 Ethics and Issues in Health Care (3 Credits)

The philosophical and ethical aspects of the professional role of the registered nurse are examined. Emphasis is placed on current issues of professional and legal accountability and responsibility, as well as the ethical responsibilities and decision making for the profession and changing healthcare systems.

NURS 322 Leadership and Health Policy with Practicum (4 Credits)

The nurse as a leader and manager in a variety of contexts is examined. Models of leadership and management are explored along with relevant concepts skills. The practicum focuses on development and application of leadership skills in a variety of health care settings, in addition to managing client caseloads with inter-professional team members.

NUR 323 Biblical Perspectives for Health Care (2 Credits)

Methods of reading and understanding the Bible are explored with particular attention to the dynamics of community living and aspects of healing and wholeness.

NUR 330 Public Health and Community Health Nursing (4 Credits)

Clinical observation and participation in public and community health care settings are emphasized. The student’s worldview is broadened through a cross-cultural educational experience, and a global perspective of health care issues is provided.

NUR 331 Public Health and Community Health Nursing Practicum (2 Credits)

Practicum experience in community/public health nursing is provided, with a focus on collaborative policy development, change, teaching-learning processes, the role, application of public health principles and nursing processes.

NUR 332 Nursing Research and Senior Project (6 Credits)

The historical, ethical, legal and philosophical aspects of nursing and research are covered with emphasis on the research process, critical analysis, and application of research to improve nursing practice. Students are provided an opportunity to integrate nursing knowledge and complex concepts from all of the nursing course work. For this culminating experience, students develop a synthesis healthcare project to improve healthcare within a local healthcare delivery system.